MEDSUM AUTOMATIC: Opening MEDSUM with your query term in and running

You can now open MEDSUM with query and button-press information automatically loaded.

This means that you can have a MEDSUM button or hyperlink on your home/ Institute page, and clicking it will open MEDSUM with (for example) your name and the "PROFILE" function already running.

So here is me:

Michael J Galsworthy, PhD
Institute of Biomedical Informatics (IBMI)
Faculty of Medicine
University of Ljubljana

(Try clicking the [PROFILE in MEDSUM] button. MEDSUM opens in a new tab/window immediately running a profile on my name.)

How to make the links/buttons:

It's a simple system: Here is the MEDSUM AUTOMATIC URL:

Now you just modify the URL extension of the MEDSUM AUTOMATIC page to include query information:
---------> mj
(you can use blank spaces, it's no problem)

You can even add on button-press information:
---------> mj&button=pr

When you click on a link or button with an address like the above, all you see is MEDSUM opening with the query in the search bar (and nothing else), or MEDSUM opening with a query in the search bar and a function like PROFILE, Timeline, etc already underway (or even finished, if it is quick).

So the general form is:[Query here]&button=[Button code here]

The query term: You can put in any query term you like, including blank spaces: Just note:
Avoid double quote marks ("). If you need something in double quotes, use ~qq~ in place of a double quote mark.
    e.g. <a href=" potentiation~qq~&button=qc" target="_blank" >[Link!]</a>
    Will make a hyperlink like this: [Link!] which will open MEDSUM with "long-term potentiation" in the search bar and the quick call button already pressed (and probably finished)

The button term: Use these codes for the buttons:
qc = quick call; tl = timeline; mi = MeSH It; pr = profile (anything else will be ignored)

Advice: Open in a new tab/window If you look at the example above, you will notice the target="_blank" in the <a href="[url]?query=[x]&button=[y]" target="_blank" > structure.
This opens MEDSUM in a new window, so that your users do not then try to get back to your page with the "back" button on the browser, navigating from the MEDSUM page through the MEDSUM AUTOMATIC page to your page.

Icons and buttons
If you would like to use a button for this utility, please feel free to take any of the below for your use:

Just right click on the images above and select "save as"

NOTE: I recommend the following code: <img src=[picture] style="cursor: pointer" border="0"> so that
1. the mouse cursor changes to a little hand when it's over the button
2. there is no ugly blue hyperlink border around the graphic.

Also note: the extensions of all the files above are .GIF not .gif