The IBMI webtools are all free online resources for life scientists. They are essentially data-mining and data-summarizing tools designed to assist discovery or research the lifesciences literature. Please click on the pictures to access the following free webtools:
MEDSUM - The MEDLINE/PubMed Summary Tool is a free online tool which takes standard PubMed/MEDLINE queries (such as authors, journals, and topic searches), and returns summary information. You can generate 'profiles' on researchers you know, or explore the favourite subjects of journals you might want to submit to... or you can even generate graphs on the growth of the literature on any subject (e.g. schizophrenia, MRI, potassium channels) since 1945.
Author: Mike Galsworthy

BITOLA - A Biomedical Discovery Support System is a free online tool for research hypothesis generation, hypothesis explanantion, and also as an alternative way to search MEDLINE. BITOLA allows you to find links between different life-sciences concepts using MeSH terms. For example, if you have just found a link between the gene DRD5 and adolescent depression, you can use Bitola to find potential explanations which have not yet been explicitly suggested in the literature. BITOLA will hunt for all known associates of DRD5, and all known associates of adolescent depression. It will then return you the terms that overlap with both. This list may include interesting potential genetic, biochemical or morphological links, for example.
Authors: Dimitar Hristovski, Borut Peterlin